About the Surgeon

Dr Stephen Chan


Why see Dr Chan who is not going to operate on you and why not go straight to an operating surgeon?

There are over 40 Plastic Surgeons in WA and not all of them have the same interests across the speciality. Some have extra training and special skills. It can be a minefield to depend on what you see online. You will find many websites advertising cosmetic surgery and often it is difficult to tell from their website what specialist training or experience they possess, if any, and whether they are true Registered Plastic Surgeons as defined by the Medical Board of Australia (AHPRA) or the General Medical Council.

Mr Stephen Chan is the most senior practicing and consulting Plastic Surgeon in WA. He has a good overview of all the Plastic Surgeons in WA and the special interest each surgeon has and what type of practice they conduct. He has been involved in the training of the majority of the Plastic Surgeons in WA.

He has a wealth of experience and knowledge which he will apply when consulting with you and guiding you through the decision making process. He will inform you if he feels that it is too early or inappropriate to be considering a particular procedure. He will have no interest in trying to convince you that you need surgery (and he has never done that).

Conferences & Courses

Dr Chan has always kept up with advances in his field and has been a participant in the conferences and courses listed available to download here.

Why Choose a Educative Consultation from Dr Chan?


He has a wealth of experience and knowledge which he will apply when guiding you through the consultation & decision making process...


He will listen very carefully to what you wish to achieve, explain the procedure including the pro's & con's and answer any questions you may have...


Obtain reliable & unbiased opinion from the most senior consulting Plastic Surgeon in Perth who is no longer operating and therefore not biased in his opinion...


The cost of a 30 minute consultation with Dr Chan is $200 inc GST. In some cases you can claim the Medicare rebate...

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