FAQs – Facelift

Facelift FAQs

A facelift is beneficial for saggy skin, heavy jowls or to reshape the face.

Q:  How old do I have to be to have a facelift?

A:   Facelifts are performed when the signs of aging start to bother you. It can happen in the early forties, but some people are not bothered by the signs of aging until in their fifties.

The best thing to do is to explain to Dr Chan what features bother you and he will advise you as to how well they can be corrected. He can then do a clinical test and show you.

Q:  How do I know if I will benefit from a facelift?

A:   Every patient is an individual and everybody’s problem is not the same.

The problem may only be looseness of the skin but often the underlying tissue is heavy and sags giving the appearance of heaviness around the mouth.

There are different levels of facelifts, depending of which structures need to be lifted. Dr Chan has a special interest in facelift surgery and has developed techniques for himself over the years so that he has the ability to tailor they operation to suit the patient. He will be able to guide you as to what technique is the most appropriate.

Q:  Are there different degrees of face lifting?

A:   Yes, there certainly are.

There are at least three different types of facelifts, depending on the severity of the aging process, with the aim of producing maximum rejuvenation but a natural result.

He will explain the options and he will show you some patients he has done with the different techniques.

Q:  If I need my eyelids and face done, can I have the operation together?

A:   It makes sense to combined the two procedures.