Procedure – Facelift

Facelift inc. Eyelids & Browlift

People age differently. Some lose bulk from their face and look thin and drawn with wrinkles. Some put on weight in the face and the added soft tissue together with loss of elasticity and gravity causes bulges and sags which appear as jowls and double chins and saggy eyelids. This can make you look unhappy or tired.

Dr Chan has specialised and followed the progress that has been made in in facelifts in the last 40 years. Techniques have evolved and he has discovered what works and what doesn’t. There are some shortcut techniques that may sound attractive but often they disappoint. He will advise as to what is most likely to meet your expectations. He has also made innovations and has won a prize for presenting his discovery at a conference to other Plastic Surgeons.

Facelift includes:

  •      Facelift
  •      Browlift
  •      Necklift
  •      Eyelid Surgery

The Aim of the Treatment Should Be:

Natural but significant refreshing of your appearance

A long lasting result

A safe technique that minimise complications and avoids nerve injury

There are many techniques to treat different aspects of aging and each Plastic Surgeon has a favourite operation. Most people don’t want to change their appearance, they want to look naturally refreshed. The operation needs therefore to be tailored to the individual.

You can benefit from Dr Chan’s expert artistic eye, assessment and advice.

The Consultation

A Very Unique Service

Dr Stephen Chan has extensive experience to help you make the right choice and point you in the right direction. You can trust his recommendation as he has no financial interest in performing the operation.

His primary interest is to educate you so that you can make an appropriate decision for yourself. He may even tell you that you can wait for the signs of ageing to advance before it is worthwhile to undertake the surgery with the significant costs and risks.

At your consultation he will ask you what features bother you most and he can explain what and how it has happened. He will then work out and explain to you what your options are.

Different surgeons tend to prefer different techniques. With this knowledge he can suggest the appropriate surgeons to see.

In this way you can avoid the costly mistake of picking the wrong operation, the wrong surgeon and results and complications you can’t reverse.


Before & After Photos

Consultation: $200 (GST inc)

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