FAQs – Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck)

Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tuck) FAQs

A tummy tuck is usually done for loose skin after childbirth, massive weightless or an overhanging apron of fat and skin which can cause problems with appearance comfort or hygiene.

Q:  Will I get a flat tummy after the operation?

A:   It depends on the shape of your tummy beforehand and whether you carry excess weight. If your tummy has mainly excess skin and you are slim, you can expect a flatter tummy. If you are overweight, then you should lose weight first; otherwise you will still have a pot tummy. Many patients have a potbelly as a result of childbirth and the tummy muscles are stretched. The muscle can be tightened during the tummy tuck giving you a flatter tummy.

If the problem is mainly loose skin the skin is tightened like making a bed. It would look better but the stretch marks will remain but they will be less obvious

Q:  I am not overweight but I have this pot around my belly button which is there even when I was skinny. Will I benefit from a tummy tuck?

A:   If the skin is good and not wrinkly, there is a better alternative to a tummy tuck. You may benefit from liposuction alone which is a much smaller operation with less risk and almost invisible scarring with faster recovery and much less expensive than a tummy tuck. Some less experienced surgeons are unaware of this and will routinely recommend a tummy tuck.


Q:  Are the scars really bad?

A:   Because a tuck is taken, the scars are long but Dr Chan has learnt to place the scars in the groins and as this is a natural border between the tummy and the legs it is less noticeable and can be covered by most bikinis. (See photos of Dr Chan’s tummy tuck patient).