FAQs – Breast Augmentation

Breast Enlargement FAQs

Breast enlargement is not just about putting an implant in. There are many factors to consider and many techniques and types of implants that will best produce the results that will best meet with your expectations.

Armed with the right information will help you make your final choice when you discuss this with your surgeon who you have picked to do your surgery be it here in WA, interstate or overseas.

Q:  Can I choose the size of my implant?

A:   You can and you should. Only you can pick the size you wish to have as you know what is in your mind. At your consultation Dr Chan will guide you in the process after discussing your preferences. You will be given the opportunity to try different sized implants in a bra and see how you look in the mirror and how you feel when you cup your hands over your breasts with the sizers in.

Q:  My breasts are empty and droopy after breast-feeding. Can I have breast enlargement or do I need breast uplift?

A:   It depends on how much droop you have and where your nipple level is. If there is a lot of droop and you are happy with the size of your breasts and do not wish to go bigger, an uplift will be more appropriate. However, there is significant scarring.

If the nipples are not very low but the breasts look a bit empty and a bit sad and droopy a breast implant can perk up the breast and improve the size. Although the nipple levels do not rise with the implants in the breast, the breasts will look fuller and give the appearance of looking less droopy. It will not lift your breast but can roll the nipple up. Dr Chan can explain this and illustrate to you the patients he has done this for (see photo below)

A breast enlargement has much less scarring than a breast uplift and this is the preferred choice of most patients.

Dr Chan will guide you toward the procedure that will most likely meet your expectations.

Q:  Can I have breast enlargement without scars on my breast?

A:   No, it is not possible to put in an implant without making a small incision about 3 cm long. The incision can be kept to a minimum and can be hidden under the breast, around the nipple or through the armpit.

The scar in the armpit often fades well into a crease and with this particular technique there are no scars on the breast itself. It is really nice to have a nice breast without any telltale scarring. However not all patients are suitable for this approach.

An incision around the nipple has some serious drawbacks. Dr Chan can help you determine what suits you best and give you the names of some appropriate surgeons.

Q:  One breast is smaller than the other. Do I have one or both done?

A:   It depends on how much difference there is between the two breasts and whether you want to be bigger anyway. If one breast is really undeveloped and the other of a satisfactory size, then enlarging the under developed breast would be the preferred option.

Q:  Can I breast feed after the operation?

A:   Breast enlargement does not interfere with your ability to breastfeed as the implants are always placed behind the breast tissue and not into the breast tissue or nipple.