FAQs – Breast Reduction

Breast Reduction FAQs

A breast reduction is a surgical operation to decrease the size and weight of the breast which can be a physical and psychological burden. There are many different techniques used with different scars. Also some techniques are more suited to some depending on size and personal preference.

Dr Chan can explain the various techniques, the scars with each technique and their pros and cons.

Q:  How extensive are the scars?

A:   Because the nipple has to be lifted upwards and the skin tightened there is usually significant scarring. The most common technique used gives the best shape and the scars are around the nipple, from the areolar down to the crease and along the crease (anchor or “wise” pattern).

Dr Chan can show you the different techniques he has used and show you photos of his patients.

Q:  Is the operation covered by Medicare?

A:   There is an item number that can be used for this operation.