FAQs – Eyelid Reduction

Eyelid Reduction FAQs

Q:  No matter how much sleep I have had my friends say that I look tired. What can I do?

A:   Your eyes are the windows of your soul. It can portray how you feel and you always make eye contact when you communicate. As the years go by gravity and loss of elasticity of the tissues allow sag in the upper and lower eyelids. Often there is also bagginess because the fat tends to protrude in these areas, giving you eye bags. The skill of the surgeon is not just to take excess skin away but also to “sculpture” the fat so that the right amount is removed so that they look bright, alive and sparkling.

Dr Chan has a repertoire of techniques to individualise the operation and he can explain this and illustrate it with photos.

Q:  My upper eyelids are so droopy I have trouble seeing. Does Medicare cover my surgery?

A:   Most cosmetic surgery is not covered by Medicare, but if the excessive skin on your upper eyelids is so droopy that they touch your eyelashes when you are looking straight ahead, the operation may qualify for a Medicare rebate.