FAQs – Liposuction

Liposuction FAQs

Q:  What is the difference between liposuction and Liposculpture?

A:   Liposuction is the removal of fat by suction. Liposculpture takes into consideration the rest of the body and is true sculpturing to achieve a nice balance. The right amount of fat needs to be taken out from the right place and demands some artistry and judgment on the part of the surgeon. It is like comparing a stonemason to a sculptor. It doesn’t mean that the more fat you remove, the better will be the result. If too much fat is removed and it causes a depression it may be impossible to fix. Therefore you need to choose your surgeon carefully.

Q:  Can liposuction help me lose weight?

A:   Liposuction is not a short cut for weight loss. It will not take many kilos off your weight. As mentioned above it is a sculpturing process and if the rest of the body is big, where do you start and stop? Therefore it is best to be within 10% of your body weight and treat the figure faults by liposculpture.

Q:  How successful is it?

A:   Because whatever fat cells are taken away are gone forever, and the remaining fat cells do not multiply to take the place of the fat that has been removed the sculpturing process is permanent. However if you put on weight the remaining fat cells, like fat cells all over your body will store fat. The figure faults don’t get out of proportion and come back but you will be bigger all over.

Q:  My figure faults have appeared since menopause. Am I too old to have liposuction?

A:   With menopause most women may discover figure faults for the first time such as in the hips and the tummy. If these figure faults are out of proportion with the body and the skin tone is reasonable liposuction is often quite successful. We have a lot of patients in this category and usually they are very happy to lose these figure faults which they have not been able to lose by dieting or exercise. A more youthful figure emerges when you lose the figure faults developing at menopause, usually in the hips and tummy.

Q:  I have fat ankles. Can they be made more shapely?

A:   Surprisingly this operation is not often asked for, considering the number of fat ankles around. Patients have been very happy with this surgery and it has made a difference to the clothes they wear and they are now happy to show their legs. It is certainly a very worthwhile operation so long as your expectations are reasonable and achievable.

Q:  Can my double chin be treated with liposuction?

A:   Yes, it works well in young patients where there is obvious fat in this area. Older patients usually have to have a necklift in conjunction with a facelift to sculpture the area nicely. Liposuction alone in these cases will not be successful because the skin will still hang when the fat is removed.

Q:  What areas are commonly treated by liposuction in males?

A:   The abdomen, the “love handles” and the chest.