Procedure – Bat Ears

Correction of Prominent (Bat) Ears

Bat ears are not necessarily big ears. They are prominent because they stick out from the side of the head instead of pointing backwards. There are 2 methods used to correct prominent ears.

The final appearance not only depends upon the position but the creation of a delicate curve on the fold of the ear that looks natural.

This operation is commonly requested for primary or secondary school children who often are teased in school.

Dr Chan can show you how the ears can be folded back to look natural and suggest appropriate surgeons you can consult with.

The Consultation

A Very Unique Service

Dr Stephen Chan has extensive experience to help you make the right choice and point you in the right direction. You can trust his recommendation as he has no financial interest in performing the operation. His primary interest is to educate you so that you can make an appropriate decision for yourself.

At your consultation he will ask you what features bother you most and he can explain what and how it has happened. He will then work out and explain to you what your options are.

Different surgeons tend to prefer different techniques. With this knowledge he can suggest the appropriate surgeons to see.

In this way you can avoid the costly mistake of picking the wrong operation, the wrong surgeon and results and complications you can’t reverse.


Before & After Photos

Consultation: $200 (GST inc)

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